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Make Real Friends, Even If You're Introverted And Socializing Overwhelms You

Do you struggle to make real friends as an introvert? 

As an introvert, you need your alone time, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the sting of loneliness. You crave connection, but not just anyone will do.

You want real, meaningful friendships with the right people. But there are invisible blocks getting in the way….

4 Introvert Friendship Blocks

Social overwhelm
A lot of people mislabel introverts as anti-social. The term “selectively social” is more accurate. The truth is that socializing can be incredibly overwhelming and draining for introverts.  

Trouble letting people in 
As much as you might want to open up and get close to people, you put up walls that make it seem impossible. You feel frustrated that you can’t just “loosen up” like everyone tells you to, and truly let people in.

Feelings of unworthiness
Deep down, you may feel unworthy of the beautiful, accepting friendships that you long for. It’s not your fault. Introverts grow up feeling like there’s something wrong with us. But the real problem is that you’ve been following the wrong extrovert-biased advice on making friends. 

Trouble maintaining friendships
Like most introverts, you find it tricky to balance your need for alone time with your need for connection. You keep people at arms length, and forget to keep in touch.

If you can relate to the above introvert friendship blocks, you’re not alone. Most introverts can relate with your loneliness and frustration.

Introverts like us know how it feels to…

* Be told that you're intimidating, snobby, or aloof, even though you’re a kindhearted person.
* Desperately want to connect, but HATE all the small talk and mindless chatter that comes along with meeting new people.
* Fear that you’re too boring, quiet, and introverted for anyone to want to be your friend.
* Settle for incompatible friends who leave you feeling drained and unseen.

I know exactly how you feel! I’m an introvert, too, and I grew up feeling like there was something inherently wrong with me.

For a long time, I settled for shallow friendships that made me feel more alone than when I was by myself. But then I did something totally counterintuitive.

I started learning and writing about and EMBRACING my introversion. Not only that.

I became obsessed with helping introverts like me develop confidence and connections on our own terms. 

I even wrote a book called the Irresistible Introvert (an Amazon bestseller) on how to develop charisma as an introvert.

I discovered that it is possible for introverts to cultivate deep, fulfilling friendships, without suffering constant overwhelm. 

You can quickly build rapport with people YOU find interesting.

You can naturally attract your ideal friends, and be the kind of person people want to get know.

You can deepen friendships to the point where you feel 100% comfortable being your true self with your friends.

Imagine if you could quickly bust through your introvert friendship blocks, let down your walls, and form meaningful connections. 

To clarify, I’m talking about the kind of friendships that make you feel accepted, seen, and heard.  Instead of feeling like a chore, these friendships feel easy and fun. 

It’s easy when you know the tools and shortcuts I share in my new 4-day course, Introvert Friendship Quickies. 

With Introvert Friendship Quickies, you’ll discover…
* How to overcome your biggest friendship blocks and make real connections
* 6 Friendship factors that everyone looks for and how to master them
* How to be more approachable, even if people normally find you intimidating
* Mindset tricks to overcome social anxiety and feelings of unworthiness
* A 5-step formula to master meet and greet, even if socializing overwhelms you
* A connection cheat sheet to prepare for any social event and make friends faster
* Secrets to be interesting when you’re quiet and worry you’re too boring
* Tips to nurture and keep friendships when you tend to push people away
* How to let down your wall and build rapport quickly, even if you’re normally guarded
* Videos, exercises and tools to make finding your ideal friends easy and fun

You'll Receive Your First Lesson The Same Day You Join!

Day 1: Overcome Introvert Friendship Blocks (30-minute video)
Discover the secret to busting through the sneaky friendship blocks that have been preventing you from finding and keeping your ideal friends.

Day 2: Attract Your Ideal Friends (30-minute video)
Get practical steps to start attracting your ideal friends today, even if you’re quiet and shy. You’ll discover how to master the 6 friendship factors everyone looks for, and have your pick of amazing people who are eager to be your friend. 

Day 3: Let Down Your Wall & Build Rapport (30-minute video)
Now that you have your pick of friends, get the tools and mindset tricks to finally let down your wall and let them in. You’ll also get a 5-step formula to master meet and greet and form real connections.

Day 4: Maintain and Deepen Friendships (30-minute video)
Find out how to turn acquaintances into fulfilling friendships, even if you’re afraid to let people in. You’ll get steps to deepen your connections and have the kind of easy, comfortable friendships you had as a kid. 

The Introvert Friendship Quickies tools work, even if you’ve tried other self-help books, articles, and courses that overwhelmed you. 

Introvert Friendship Quickies is designed by and for introverts. PLUS the compact 4-day format makes it easy for you to go through the materials quickly and revisit them as often as you need to.

The Introvert Friendship Quickies tools work, even if you’re easily overwhelmed and hate small talk. Being an introvert myself who has worked with hundreds of introvert students and clients, I know what works like crazy for us. 

In the course I address your introverts specific challenges, so that you can make friends on YOUR terms. No extroversion needed.

The Introvert Friendship Quickies tools work,even if you feel so discouraged you’ve all but given up...

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Here's What My Colleagues  Have To Say

Dr. Arnie Kozak

Author of The Awakened Introvert
"Michaela is the introvert’s introvert. She is the fresh new face of introversion—talented, eloquent, and self-aware. Her work for Introvert Spring is a leading voice for the introvert community. I am happy to know her and we are all lucky to have her."

Sarah Jones

Introvert Dating Coach at Introverted Alpha
"Michaela Chung doesn't mess around. She is passionate about helping the gentler and more introverted person thrive. Her intelligence, sensitivity, and depth contribute to the important change in how we all think of and treat introverts in the world."

Jade Joddle

Speaking Skills Expert at Introverts By Jade
"Michaela is the go-to coach for you if you are ready to unleash your introvert x-factor. Michaela always delivers supportive advice for her tribe; pouring tons of heart into guiding all of us along our introvert journies."

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Read What People Are Saying About My Methods

"I now have the tools to get out of my usual cycles and build better relationships. I also know how to manage my energy better in social situations.  The biggest thing I gained was learning how to express my true feelings. I'm already seeing people open up to me more as I feel more comfortable being vulnerable with them." - SungJoon Park, Japan

"My brain feels more relaxed, and I feel more at ease in conversation. And one celebration I have to share with you is my consultant said that I have improved comparing to when we first and second met. I have a warm greeting, I speak louder, and express more. I think this course has inspired and helped me.” - Jenny L., Macau 

"The conversation ignitors were put into practice at a recent Labor Day Barbecue. While I do like meeting new people, the whole experience of socializing can be exhausting to say the least.  At this barbecue, I found myself much more present and grounded.  I was able to interact with those present without becoming overwhelmed, overloaded. I had some great conversations that night, was able to expand upon initial introductions, using what the other person stated and go from there."A. Lavelle, U.S.A

"I took the advice from it and the best thing now is that I am now the most popular person at work and I can connect with people outside of work, it is like I can meet any new person and make them feel comfortable and interested in me." - Keith H., U.S.A

"I'm really getting the sense that these exercises are helping me understand more about myself, and achieving my goals for the year. I realized that I've been demonstrating more confidence and definitiveness in conversations and how I carry myself overall and I was excited after noticing that." - Josh G. Michigan

"Having an introverted personality as well as being shy really confuses me at times and especially in social situations when it's easy to get drained or feel that I don't belong - I now know that there's nothing wrong with me. I now have a lot more confidence in my approach with people ... I am glad that I connected with Michaela as she is a genuine and sincere person - she is an angel of the internet!" - Wayne B. Brisbane, Australia

"I really got a lot out of the course.  I learned from all of the webinars.  You really understand all the problems introverts struggle with (introvert energy, giving yourself permission to end a conversation). Thanks for creating that course." - Amy V., USA 

Meet Your Mentor:
Introvert Coach & Writer Michaela Chung

Michaela Chung is the author of The Irresistible Introvert: Harness The Power of Quiet Charisma in a Loud World. She is an expert on introversion with a rich background in communication and self-development strategies. Best known for her popular website, Introvert Spring, Michaela has been prolific in sharing her expertise and personal insights on the topic of introversion. Her work has been featured in HuffPost, The Globe and Mail, INC, CBC Radio, and The Chicago Tribune, to name a few.

Discovering the Introvert Friendship Quickies tools can mean the difference between countless lonely nights wishing you had someone to talk to VERSUS having close friends with whom you can share dinners, movies, trips, and quiet nights in.

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