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How To Master Small Talk Naturally, Even If You’re Introverted & Shy

Do you think small talk sucks?

Well, I agree. But here’s the thing.

Most small talk is lame because people tend to fall prey to all the biggest small talk mistakes. As an introvert, this is especially painful because you crave meaningful conversation.

Mindless chit chat bores you. Not only that.

It completely drains your precious energy. Then you are the one who feels guilty for not being able to talk about pointless topics for hours on end. You are left feeling misunderstood, and weird. 

You might also miss out. After all, small talk seems to be the golden ticket towards so many amazing opportunities ...

Chatting up your crush, without feeling awkward and tongue-tied

Making real friendships so you can STOP constantly meeting new people

Getting that promotion at work, because, as unfair as it is, likability is a huge factor

Having good relationships with your coworkers, so you can feel more comfortable at work events

Small talk is the key to all of the above, right??


Small talk in its most common form will NOT get you very far. As an introvert, it will usually just lead to frustration and depleted energy stores. But ...

SMART small talk can be the magic ingredient for curing most of your social woes. You might be wondering ...

What is smart small talk?

Smart small talk uses interesting questions, bridge statements, and thoughtful responses to drive the conversation to more meaningful topics.

Smart small talk creates true connections, instead of just wasting time.

Smart small talk allows you to use the creative side of your brain to show your true personality, tell jokes, and feel more relaxed.

Smart small talk gives you the confidence to chat up those you secretly admire, without freezing up, and having no clue what to say.

In my Small Talk Quickies Masterclass, you get everything you need to master smart small talk in a day, even if you’re an introvert like me!

Before I tell you how this class will change the way you make conversation forever, I should tell you that there is a reason why this class has “Quickies" in the name.

I know I have a lot of fellow nerds out there who just love to study everything and use themselves as guinea pigs like me, BUT I wanted to make this Masterclass as fast and done-for-you as possible. 

So, it contains everything you need to master small talk in a day, PLUS bonus materials to help you get better and better, long after the class ends.

So, it’s perfect for you if you’re someone who worries about buying courses, and never finishing them. Or getting overwhelmed by too much material.

The 2-Hour Small Talk Quickies Masterclass (Recording) Gives You:

*Go-to icebreakers to ease into any conversation without anxiety
*Done-for-you phrases to breeze through small talk
*Interesting questions to spark meaningful conversations
*Easy 'bridge statements' to take the conversation to more interesting topics
*Intelligent tools to sidestep the most common small talk obstacles: awkward silences, overthinking, interrupting extroverts
*A small talk prep checklist to be ready for your next social event
*A small talk quickies MP3 to strengthen your conversation muscle on the go
*A workbook containing exercises and scripts to become a small talk ninja in no time

And you really can start applying the tools right away at your next BBQ, or event with coworkers. This is what my students did:

​Case Studies 

Keith became instantly popular at work:
"Hello Michaela thanks for he small talk masterclass. I took the advice from it and the best thing now is that I am now the most popular person at work and I can connect with people outside of work, it is like I can meet any new person and make them feel comfortable and interested in me. I will admit I like to come home and unwind by myself, yet it feels great to be participating in social circles and have fun." - Keith H., U.S.A

Amy had meaningful conversations at a BBQ: 
"The conversation ignitors were put into practice at a recent Labor Day Barbecue. While I do like meeting new people, the whole experience of socializing can be exhausting to say the least.  At this barbecue, I found myself much more present and grounded.  I was able to interact with those present without becoming overwhelmed, overloaded. I had some great conversations that night, was able to expand upon initial introductions, using what the other person stated and go from there. The topics of conversation ranged from comparing notes about online dating experiences (good and not-so-good), the increased presence of allergies (do GMOs and overuse of soil play a role); neuroplasticity, church, and "glamping. Thank you for opening my eyes to better ways of communication.  And thank you, especially, for helping me to learn more about myself in a compassionate, accepting, and loving way.  That makes all the difference!"  - A. Lavelle, U.S.A

Jenny felt more relaxed in conversation and stood out at work: 
"I have been trying to use the jump-off points in conversation, and it works, I don't have to worry about how to respond to when someone tells me something. My brain feels more relaxed, and I feel more at ease in conversation. And one celebration I have to share with you is my consultant said that I have improved comparing to when we first and second met. I have a warm greeting, I speak louder, and express more. I think this course has inspired and helped me.” - Jenny L. Macau 

Helena authentically conneced with her coworkers: 
"I was very suprised when I yesterday could turn a very tense social situationen to a warm and heartwarming one … So I [followed your advice] and this is what really suprised me. Because when I did it gave a lot of "social fruit", my colleague became a lot more at ease with me and we laughed and had a really good time! At the end of the day she even hugged me and we thanked eachother for a really nice day! I mean, I couldnt even imagine that it could go so well, I am actuallt blown away with the result :). I didnt even share deep personal stuff about myself just some things I have an opinion about and how I work as a person." - Helena Skagerlid, Sweden

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Here's What My Colleagues  Have To Say

Dr. Arnie Kozak

Author of The Awakened Introvert
"Michaela is the introvert’s introvert. She is the fresh new face of introversion—talented, eloquent, and self-aware. Her work for Introvert Spring is a leading voice for the introvert community. I am happy to know her and we are all lucky to have her."

Sarah Jones

Introvert Dating Coach at Introverted Alpha
"Michaela Chung doesn't mess around. She is passionate about helping the gentler and more introverted person thrive. Her intelligence, sensitivity, and depth contribute to the important change in how we all think of and treat introverts in the world."

Jade Joddle

Speaking Skills Expert at Introverts By Jade
"Michaela is the go-to coach for you if you are ready to unleash your introvert x-factor. Michaela always delivers supportive advice for her tribe; pouring tons of heart into guiding all of us along our introvert journies."

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Michaela Chung is the author of The Irresistible Introvert: Harness The Power of Quiet Charisma in a Loud World. She is an expert on introversion with a rich background in communication and self-development strategies. Best known for her popular website, Introvert Spring, Michaela has been prolific in sharing her expertise and personal insights on the topic of introversion. Her work has been featured in HuffPost, The Globe and Mail, INC, CBC Radio, and The Chicago Tribune, to name a few.

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