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How To Stop Self-Hating Thoughts & Love Yourself


Does Your Mind Work Against You?

If you're an introvert like me, maybe the below scenario sounds familiar to you:

 You go out with friends, expecting to join in their ‘fun’. For a while you do, but then you get tired. This is when your mind begins to turn against you. Before you know it, you’re comparing yourself to the jovial extroverts at your table.

The little troll in your mind points out how much better they are than you in every way. They are friendlier, prettier, more articulate, more likeable.

Then the troll turns his bony finger at you and asks, “Why would anyone like you? You’re so boring and uncool. Everyone can tell you don’t belong here. What’s wrong with you?”  

At the root of all these self-defeating thoughts is a lack of self-love. Yes, “self-love” – that vague, self-helpy term that sounds frilly and nice, but about as achievable as ice skating in the Sahara.

I wanted to give introverts concrete, step-by-step instructions for developing self-love. After all, I've been down this path myself. I know what it's like to feel insignificant, and even unloveable. 

I know the pain of feeling not good enough. Hopeless. I also know how it feels to be so brimming with self-love that you start to:

Stand taller, and go through life with less self-doubt and worry ...

Feel so full of self-love and acceptance that you're naturally more open and loving toward others ...

Be kind to yourself, even when you make mistakes ...

Love and accept every part of yourself - even your introversion ...

Yes, I know what it takes to go from self-hatred to experiencing liberating self-love. It turns out, there are specific, repeatable steps YOU can take to get here, too.

I've put together a system for stopping self-hating thoughts and building self-love in your own introverted way. 

Unshakeable Self-Love For Introverts

I created a 1.5 hour workshop (recording) to help you build unshakeable self-love as an introvert.

With Unshakeable Self-Love, you’ll discover:

* 7 surprising short-cuts to self-love specifically made for introverts

* My introvert-specific L.O.V.E method to end self-hatred and fall in love with YOU
The secret to loving and accepting yourself 100%, even if you feel totally unloveable
* How to overcome persistent negative thoughts and make your mind a safe, loving space
* Strategies for staying self-loving when you are overwhelmed and full of self-doubt
* How to speak the language of self-love so that your true worth finally sinks in

This is a video recording, which you will have access to within 24 hours of registering.

Here's What People Are Saying My Methods

"I’ve just watched the self-love webinar. Self love is a constant battle with me. I’ve been through depression in my past and struggle with self esteem — a large part of that was not understanding myself. Finding you has helped me to question the negativity which took control. What you do really helps so thank you Michaela:)" - John G.

"I just wanted to send my praise for your self-love webinar today, the content was put together very well and delivered with finesse, as usual! You have a knack for presenting your ideas clearly and blending in personal stories to deliver a compelling and authentic message." - Phillip R.
I was down in the depths of despair, where prescriptions and therapy couldn’t reach me, let alone help me.  But I made myself go through your course, and did all of the exercises in it.  And the results have been nothing short of stunning!  I feel so much better, sleep better, and think so much more positively now!  I finally ended a toxic relationship (marriage), and am now dating more than I ever have before.  I now believe that I am worthy of happiness and love, and nothing is going to hold me back anymore!
- Mike G.

I hope you realize that your conclusions were beyond the grasp of no less than two counselors, both of which held a Ph.D in psychology and a few random social workers.  You cracked the code I had been working on for decades. You helped me find myself at the ripe old age of 59, but as the old saying goes, better late than never I guess.  Anyway, I don't know where you came from but thank god you're here. - Brian K.

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Here's What My Colleagues  Have To Say

Dr. Arnie Kozak

Author of The Awakened Introvert
"Michaela is the introvert’s introvert. She is the fresh new face of introversion—talented, eloquent, and self-aware. Her work for Introvert Spring is a leading voice for the introvert community. I am happy to know her and we are all lucky to have her."

Sarah Jones

Introvert Dating Coach at Introverted Alpha
"Michaela Chung doesn't mess around. She is passionate about helping the gentler and more introverted person thrive. Her intelligence, sensitivity, and depth contribute to the important change in how we all think of and treat introverts in the world."

Jade Joddle

Speaking Skills Expert at Introverts By Jade
"Michaela is the go-to coach for you if you are ready to unleash your introvert x-factor. Michaela always delivers supportive advice for her tribe; pouring tons of heart into guiding all of us along our introvert journies."

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  • A 1.5 hour workshop recording to develop unshakeable self-love in your own introverted way
  • A workbook containing questions, actionable steps, and exercises to stay self-loving, even when negative thoughts pop up
  • Lifetime access to the workshop video and audio recordings, so you can fall in love with yourself again and again

Meet Your Mentor:
Introvert Coach & Writer Michaela Chung

Michaela Chung is the author of The Irresistible Introvert: Harness The Power of Quiet Charisma in a Loud World. She is an expert on introversion with a rich background in communication and self-development strategies. Best known for her popular website, Introvert Spring, Michaela has been prolific in sharing her expertise and personal insights on the topic of introversion. Her work has been featured on HuffPost, The Globe and Mail, INC, Lifehack, CBC Radio, and The Chicago Tribune, to name a few.

Signing up now could mean the difference between being trapped in the chains of self-criticism and low self-esteem, VERSUS setting yourself free and flying high on the wings of self-love. 

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